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Current Category: B. Murder Mystery Night, Sept 20, 2013 (40 photos)
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A Gala Affair . . .

Marie's Home - Chelsea, the Captain's wife and Kristy, Ambassadress Finalist are friendly . . . for now . . .

Fred & Lynn's Home - Friendly Onboard Service by the Interactors

Fran & Dick's Home

Fran & Dick's Home -

Fran & Dick's Home - Everyone loves the bartender, Tom Collins . . . does he get what he deserves?

Fran & Dick's Home - In relentless pursuit of the Ambassadress Tiltle, Kristy works her charms on the Captain.

Fran & Dick's Home - Lisa and the Purser, A.J.

Fran & Dick's Home - Dinnertime

Fran & Dick's Home - Finalist Samantha - talented, sweet, but innocent??

Fran & Dick's Home - Interactor facilitators, Megan and Lindsay

Fran & Dick's Home - Lisa gives Buddy, the towel boy, a smooch . . . does it lead to more?

Fran & Dick's Home - Loving the spotlight, Candy basks in the attention of other guests - but for how long?

Fran & Dick's Home - Officer Bullet and A.J. Service

Fran & Dick's Home - One of these women hasn't long to live . . .

Fran & Dick's Home - Tensions arise between the Captain and Chelsea

Fran & Dick's Home - Wanda and Wilber . . . are they the happy couple they appear to be?

Fran and Dick's Home - The Cast

Fred & Lynn's Home - Chelsea tries to charm her husband's guests, but does she succeed?

Fred & Lynn's Home - An Elegant Table

Fred & Lynn's Home - Is Kristy as innocent as she looks?

Fred & Lynn's Home - Penny realizes that Candy is trouble!

Fred & Lynn's Home - the Captain, Wanda and A.J.

Fred & Lynn's Home - Wanda and Wilbur look happy, but . . . . .

Fred & Lynn's Home - A.J., the Captain, Buddy and Officer Bullet

Fred & Lynn's home - Candy, Samantha and Chelsea . . . can these girls afford to trust each other?

Fred & Lynn's Home - Chelsea and the Captain look happy but . . . is there trouble in paradise?

Fred & Lynn's Home - Is this the murder weapon?

Fred & Lynn's Home - Kristy and Tom share a big secret, but what is it?

Fred & Lynn's Home - Officer Bullet and Finalist Penny Drop, with some goodies to . . .bribe the guests?

Fred & Lynn's home - The Captain is skeptical of the moral character of his guests, but what about him . . . . . ?

Fred & Lynn's Home - Wanda, Wilbur, Penny and Kristy

Fred & Lynn's Home - Welcome Aboard!

Marie's Home - All is revealed with The Arrest

Marie's Home - The Captain

Marie's Home - The Cast 2

Marie's Home - The Cast of Characters, L to R - Candy, Wanda, Wilbur, Samantha, Chelsea, the Captain, Kristy Marie, Officer Bullet, A.J. Service, Tom Collins, the bartender, and Buddy, the towel boy with our Interactor helpers and Lucy, the ship's mascot.

Marie's Home - The Dinner

Marie's Home - The Murder re-enactment

Marie's Home - Wilber and Wanda celebrate their 10th Anniversary, but will the marriage survive the night?



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